We use cookies to ensure you have the best browsing experience on our website. Solution for Arrange the following ratios in ascending order of magnitude 7:10,11:15,13:20 and 17:25 Q&A for Work. The arrange() function is used to rearrange rows in ascending or descending order. a[Mid] is (0) red, (1) white or (2) blue. In this MySQL Tutorial, we shall learn how to select rows of a table based on the ascending order of values in a column.. To sort rows of a result set in ascending order of values in a column, use the syntax of the following SQL Query. (Compare the element to … By sorting your data in ascending or descending order, you can quickly find information on your list. Next, we are using Nested For Loop to sort the array elements in ascending order in C and print all the elements in this array Ask your parent or guardian to register for you! b) for loop iterates from j=0 to j