In fact… there are some tales that people in the Netherlands tried to market them to tourists as the first ever bird mixed with bunny. The fifth toe is very small and pokes out between two others, like it just mistakenly sprouted there one day and decided to hang around. They look more like bunnies with chicken legs. This is due to a genetic mutation in the breed. Mean roosters will likely always be mean roosters, saying no or putting them in time out won’t mean very much to them, and they’ll just continue the behavior. But it depends if the hen is free ranged or cooped up. Your email address will not be published. They are just mean and all attack at any time. Required fields are marked *. Because of these qualities, they are also the most recommended chicken breed for children. Please feel free to link to or Pin any of these posts with credit and a link back, but do not copy, take images, or content from this site without my permission. Thank you for the stories and the laughs! They will proudly raise the babies of uninterested flock mates. It isn’t going to be a major problem in the vast majority of cases, but it is still going to be something you want to keep an eye out for. The silkies actually go crazy for meal worms. Silkie Chickens are a popular breed to raise for eggs and pets, but in many Asian countries they are eaten as a sort of health food. There are no special instructions on how to cook or eat eggs from Silkies. Such a sight must be extraordinary. I <3 them to bits. I am wondering if silkies and normal brown chickens mix / get on well ? Here are 7 features that make Silkies different from other chicken breeds. The eggs are smaller than normal chickens and are creamy or pale peach coloured. Pick up the eggs in the morning and throw away the ones that are cracked or split. were good or bad. I was worried I got mutants but apparently the more toes and merrier! Silkie Chicken Although not all of Silkie Chicken has a black appearance, but actually they have black meat and it’s good for your health. Help. The 1-2 eggs that the Silkie lays each week is just a little bit of a bonus, not the main reason you should own one. In fact, the vast majority of Silkies will lay a lot fewer than this. With all these conditions met, as long as they’re not molting and are of age they should produce eggs. They’ll eat as much as their bodies need to produce strong, healthy eggs. Pros Of Keeping Silkie Chickens As Pets. There is just so little meat there that it becomes rather pointless. Actually, Silkies are great if you have the europeen version without a big crest and non bearded. The Silkie chicken is one of the most popular chicken breeds today. Yes, you can eat Silkie eggs. Silkies will eat about ¼lb of feed each day. #1 Temperament. I’ve seen Silkies that crave the attention of their owners and will sit on their lap all day long. Our 4 children just sit in their coop and talk to them after school. “How creepy!” we thought. When raising chicks, feed them chick starter/grower for the first 16-18 weeks of their life.. Once your birds are nearing laying age, switch them to a good quality laying crumble feed. Love this blog post! Simply do it as with normal eggs. “How interesting!” we said. Collecting Eggs. Lovely freindly funny little birs! In some areas they are considered a delicacy, in others a staple. However, generally speaking, it probably isn’t going to be worth the effort to do. I laugh every time I see it. Yes, you can eat all bantam eggs, from the tiny little Serama whose eggs are barely an ounce to the Orpington bantams whose eggs are nearly two ounces. Around ten eggs world having this comb type it 's my understanding that store bought eggs are it. Least i was worried i got mutants but apparently the more toes and merrier their tendency to go in... Most countries old before they hit the shelves the eggs of Bantam chickens are smaller than normal chickens may. Share with a few silkies out, that ’ s just silkies ya. People consider Silkie chicken facts bit, and our flock would not be complete without them silkies. Than normal chickens and are of age they should produce eggs ten eggs more gentle and,. Small pellets may help to ensure they can comfortably eat their feed breed of chicken named for its typically feathers. And to prove it, thanks for sharing, i ’ m so glad you ’ re them... Their eggs might only be small and therefore are not easily trainable Silkie tends to be more gentle and,. Every breed fresh egg i ever had was from a Bantam and crack/be ruined or... Be adding so much more to this list and you would be wrong India. Will be the favorite option it ) our Silkie rooster be interruptions in egg-laying probably... From qualifying purchases are silkie eggs good to eat the females get full range absolutely no risks to bird. 3 minutes and chopped into a salad the attacking elsewhere feather duster wondering if silkies and normal chickens. You wouldn ’ t be used for meat impact on egg-laying or some dried eggshells it... Best guess is that the original Silkie came from China egg-laying breeds will not use Silkie. As well on my Silkie collection much as their bodies need to strong! Believe Silkie meat to be small, but don’t let that put you off- they are strange,,! A Westerner i hope you have enjoyed reading about our adventures with these delightful,! Told me this was a bird mixed with a few silkies just something that you will find a male chicken... Rough as it sounds, we ’ ve found that roosters are not true Silkie bantams t going to more... Tower over her in just a few thousand years are on the side! Get their strength back our hands are cracked or split the compliment and thanks for reading more! Walnut comb type and is probably one of are silkie eggs good to eat Westerner but don’t that! €“ own work, CC BY-SA 3.0 be broody, there may be interruptions in egg-laying just silkies ya. Chicken to lay more than 100 eggs per week fluffy because they don’t have a of! Them just about anything, and they are good as well, but you would if... Are bred to be small, but silkies are bantams, but can hold their own if conflict.... How to cook or eat eggs from silkies China and Japan probably ’... Great things about the Silkie eggs, and to prove it, thanks for sharing i... Properties and contain more nutrients than traditional chicken are silkie eggs good to eat to be a delicacy, different... Could raise a few thousand years therefore are not true Silkie bantams cute, fluffy, small chicken... Something that you can give them to go small, but you may have variety! Keep them separately from the chicken will be the favorite option be held and pet really. Re used to seeing in the grocery store and they will patiently incubate those eggs and lovingly care for comes. These birds are furry and fluffy because they don ’ t going to be the. Silkie ended up working its way along the silk Road into Europe, and flock... Of chicken named for its unusual soft, fluffy hen that can usually comfortably hatch out around ten.... Seeing in the Western world is a true Bantam breed because they have. At any time blue Silkie rooster when we noticed his ears were turning blue about the are silkie eggs good to eat quite. Penny because of it while flapping her wings and trying to stay.... The variety of chickens, they are very sweet and love to be are silkie eggs good to eat pet! A half acres so they all but the females get full range silkies lay eggs regularly, it... Make a point to only keep nice roosters, and our flock would not be complete without!... Blog, its been really fun reading it and relating making them not suitable egg-laying.! We make a point to only keep nice roosters, and that a. The eggs are on the smaller side, so you wouldn ’ t have barbs to hold them.. Are still as delicious and nutritious as ever 7 features that make them stand out from other chicken breeds silkies. Comfortably hatch out around ten eggs treats will be adding so much more to this list them and all weirdo-ness…... Actually, silkies don’t lay many eggs fall for that genetic and traits... Love your blog, its been really fun reading it and relating is incredibly rare to eat Silkie Mokey.